School Aikido Clubs

A School Aikido club is a great way to give children an opportunity to learn and benefit from Aikido. The school would need to provide a space – a gym, dance studio or similar room and judo mats that training requires. The benefits of your own classes which will work in close communication with us is extensive.


  • fitness
  • confidence building
  • co-operation whilst learning
  • disciplined approach to exercise
  • physical confidence
  • control and coordination
  • insight into Japanese culture

For the school, an Aikido club


  • broadens activities on offer
  • encourages physical activity in a non-competitive atmosphere
  • brings together mental and physical health benefits
  • promotes wellbeing

We will

  • provide you with qualified teachers to coach the children
  • start the club with workshops to help promote Aikido to the kids and parents
  • provide continuos sessions during school terms
  • collaborate with the main school Aikido of London to a standard curriculum and gradings
  • arrange courses throughout the year to benefit the kids

You’ll need

  • A teacher who liaises with our team
  • Storage for the mats

Joseph has grown in confidence since he has been with you, we cannot thank you enough. From his proud Grandparents.

Anna Blake

Please contact us on 07736813875 to discuss your requirements and prices or email here.

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