Senior Instructors and Students

Rodrigo Mazzora

Rodrigo began his Aikido training in 1994 at the University of Los Andes on Bogotá Colombia under the instruction of Sensei Luis Fernando Aldana (5th Dan and head of Aikikai of Colombia).  He also participated in monthly intensive training every 2 years at the New York Aikikai. In 2001, he received his Sho-dan test accredited by Shihan Yoshimitsu Yamada. In 2004, Ni-dan test accredited by Shihan Donovan Waite. He was also assistant intructor in Bogota from 2003 to 2004 and instructor from 2004 – 2005. He moved to London to pursue his professional studies and career and began training under The London Aikikai in 2005 under the instruction of Sensei Eric Beake (5th Dan). In 2009 he began his training at Aikido of London, under the instruction of Sensei Ismail Hasan and has been an Assistant Instructor since 2010.

Phat Nguyen

Phat began his martial arts career in Judo in 1991 whilst studying at Portsmouth University. Phat began studying Aikido with Dee Chen 6th Dan Shihan in 2001 at Shinmeikan, West London. In 2004 he trained intensively in San Diego Aikikai under the supervision of Chiba Sensei as a full time student. He joined Aikido of London in 2008 and attained his Nidan from Ismail Hasan Sensei in Aikido in 2011.  Phat also trains in Iaido.

Sandra Turnbull

Sandra began studying Aikido with Dee Chen 6th Shihan in 1993 at Shinmeikan, West London. Sandra attended courses given by Chiba Sensei in England and the USA. Joining Aikido of London in 1994 she began Iaido training in 2004 and has attained the rank of 1st Dan in 2007 and 2nd Dan in 2011.

Sandra became a full time artist 10 years ago and after working in the music industry, managing talent including Eurythmics, Shakespeare’s Sister and Londonbeat.  A former  professional dancer. she has continued her study of the body through yoga, pilates, Aikido and Iaido .

“Through strict discipline I am learning to keep the mind fluid and loosen the confines of outer reality.”

Denis Wallez

Denis WallezDenis began his Aikido training in 1991 in France, at the JCLV in Villeurbanne under Dominique Rascle (5th dan). During his studies, Denis initiated and managed the aikido section at Télécom’Bretagne (engineering school) in 1993–1995, thus bringing other students under Jean Yves Levourc’h (6th dan) and Roger Mathevey (4th dan). He attained his first kyu at the aikikai of Plouzané in 1995. After a break for military service, Denis finally started his career as a mathematician and computer scientist in Paris in 1997 where he started practising under Christian Tissier (7th dan). While in Paris, Denis also broadened his approach to martial arts thanks to CPD and commando training in the military reserve, and thanks to studying Krav’maga under Richard Douieb (6th dan). Denis relocated to London in 2005 and soon followed Ismail Hasan, under whose instruction he trained in Iaido (and Aikido, time and old injuries permitting). He attained Shodan in Iaido in 2010.

Currently studying Buddhism.