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Aikido is a martial art.Aikido of London” is one of the rare dojos where both the martial perspective as well as the art perspective are valued and studied: being present, energetic, attentive and quickly adapting to a new situation is as valued as effectively stopping the fight while *avoiding* the physical destruction of the opponent. Compared to some other dojos where students end up believing they’re street fighters or samurais (when they’re absolutely not!) and forgetting that the harmony supported by aikido can only be achieved if stopping the fight comes without destruction and bragging (leading to desires of revenge from the defeated), “Aikido of London” provides not only a humble and dynamic teacher giving grades once they’re deserved rather than once you’ve paid enough fees (no royal court there!) but also fellow-students interested in learning collectively rather than winning cock fights or pretending they’re better fighters than they are. Humility is rare in martial arts, often talked about, rarely practised, and it is a pleasure to practise in such environment. As a final note, one can also practise aikido weapons and/or iaido – the art of drawing the sword – at Aikido of London, in a similarly satisfying way. Denis, 15 years of aikido in various locations, 5 of iaido, a few of Krav’maga and kenjutsu…


Iaido classes Joined the dojo for a year now and am loving it. Intense and pretty demanding (physically and mentally). Classes are small to medium in size which means quite a lot of attention from the instructor. The aikido classes (held right before iaido, so I get to see it if I get there early) looked so intriguing that I’m planning to join that as well as soon as I can. Sometimes there’s even a bit of socializing after class where we’d pop into a nearby pub for a pint.


If you love Aikido and are genuinely interested in learning then, Aikido of London is the place for you.


The Aikido of London is really great place where to train. A very technical Sensei and committed group of aikidokas. Not for the softhearted, easily impressed or tunnel vision minded. You will enjoy the practice, train hard and improve, if you put your heart to it. After many years of training this is the dojo in which I have progressed the most. Although many times I have felt I know nothing, my Aikido has changed positively. If you like the classic Chiba style and you are ready to go to the next level, see you soon! Rodrigo


I have been training @ Aikido of London for many years . now Nidan in Iaido and have learned so much from Sensei Ismail Hasan who is a brilliant and informed teacher, I highly recommend this school . The students are enthusiastic. The atmosphere is excellent . Come . Sandra Turnbull


The dojo is amazing! I had the opportunity to train here for 6 months while I was in London and I definetly want to go back. Sensei Ismail Hasan is fully committed to teach a high level Aikido and to challenge you every class to get your best!!


A top school to learn Aikido, from a very talented instructor. Check it out if you want to learn Aikido.