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Aikido Training in Archway


Classes are back to normal from SEPTEMBER 21 2020. We are accepting enrolment from October 1st for new participants. If you are interested in training and would like us to get back to you,  please fill in the form below.

Featured Programs

Aikido is a powerful and dynamic martial art system from Japan. It is a great way to learn martial arts skills, fitness, and focus with a great team of teachers.

Beginners program

The Aikido  beginners program is the best way to start. 3 or 4 sessions are held either on Thursday 7-8pm or Saturday 2-3pm. It is an opportunity to get a taste of what the training offers.

Loose clothing – jogging pants and long sleeve t-shirt will do.

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Youth Program

Aikido for Youth is available for 11-17yrs olds. The training is based on Aikido, self defence and exercises for fitness, strength and skill in martial arts. The classes are enjoyable with teens working with each other.

These are on Saturday from 2-3pm. Click here for more information…

Cultural programs

Aikido of London offers training and bespoke workshops suitable for various cultural events and exhibitions. With our team of trained  teachers we can design a program to meet your requirements. These can range from a one off presentation to a fully developed program of training over weeks or months.

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