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Teen classes

Joseph has grown in confidence since he has been with you, we cannot thank you enough. From his proud grandparents.

Anna Blake

Aikido for youth

Youth Aikido is available for children and teens from 11-17yrs old. The training is mainly based on Aikido, self defence and exercises to get fitter, stronger and more skilful in martial arts. The classes are focused and enjoyable with the teens working with each other.

The teens beginners workshop is on Saturday from 2-3pm and is for 4 weeks. The fee is £30 and loose clothing is required to start with. Jogging pants, t-shirt and flip flops.

After the beginners workshop teens can become fully fledged members and continue their training. The fees to join are £30pa membership (includes insurance), £75pm for a 10 class pass for regular training (valid for 100 days). A uniform will also be required. If you have any questions please fill in the form below. 

“Aikido is made for teenagers. A way to do martial arts training and enjoy learning to be fit and disciplined.”

Aikido of London has many years of experience teaching children the value and benefits of Aikido. As a traditional Japanese martial art, Aikido has incredible qualities that brings out the best in children. Our approach is suited for modern times to combine training – fitness – discipline and enjoyment. Come and give it a go.

Aikido a Japanese Martial Art

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