Aikido of London

Aikido of London was established in 1994 in Acton, West London by Ismail Hasan Sensei. After several years of teaching and steady growth the dojo moved to the Bloomsbury Space close to The British Museum. Here the membership accelerated and after 6 years out grew the venue due to the limited space. The dojo moved again and is now in Archway north London.

The dojo aims remain consistent which is to transmit, spread and develop Aikido. This is achieved  through the daily sessions available to all interested students in Aikido, Aikido weapons and Iaido. In addition to the weekly schedule Aikido of London offers private individual classes and group and corporate workshops. In the Summer of 2017 we proudly taught over 300 children in a cultural workshop arranged by The British Museum which centered around the artistic works of Hokusai. 

Annual seminars held in Astor College Gym UCL (near Goodge St),  Burton, UK and Coruna in Spain offer opportunities to train without distraction and allow exchanges with other dojos . The dojo also receives visitors from the USA, France, Poland, Spain and Greece.

The dojo runs a teacher training program for qualified individuals that meet the required standard. This is in line with the mission to transmit the teachings to the next generation and keep the training vibrant, inspired and relevant to this day.

Classes are open to anyone interested in training in Aikido of London and can contact the Dojo in order to try a session or to  view a class.

Ismail Hasan Sensei

Director and Chief Instructor